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Strategic Operations Focus Group

2012: Lean Workshops offered by the Strategic Operations Group

The Strategic Operations Group of the NMMU presents and co-ordinates several courses and workshops as part of its initiative to spread the implementation of Lean Manufacturing in South Africa. The workshops are the outcome of extensive research, experimentation and benchmarking on presentation modes, pricing and content. The workshops are presented by experts in the field and introduce the best current thinking on the implementation methods through interactive instructional methods.

No single training course can address the different training needs to ensure successful and sustainable implementation in an organisation. The following range of courses is suggested:

Topic Target Audience Objective Provisional Date
Lean Associate
(1 day)
Shop floor workers Introduces basic lean and continuous improvement tools To be decided
Lean Leader
(1 day)
Middle and top management Working knowledge of lean thinking, the lean tools and implementation strategies. Simulation games illustrate the concepts To be decided
Lean Specialist Programme (see below)
(10 days)
Lean Implementers Obtaining specialist, practical experience of lean thinking, lean tools and implementation methods To be decided
Lean Service Programme
(3 consecutive days)
Lean implementers in service organisations Applying the lean tools and lean principles to achieve the same quantum improvements in quality, cost and effectiveness To be decided
Lean Implementation Programme
(3 consecutive days)
Middle and top management Provide management staff with detailed insight into Lean thinking practices to support a sustainable Lean implementation initiative To be decided
Ad Hoc Programmes A variety of other lean workshops are available and can be tailored to the needs of the organisation. These include topics such as kanban, poka-yoke, Kaizen Blitz, cell design, quick changeover (SMED), teamwork, lean supply and lean culture. Also, any of the Lean Specialist modules may be attended individually, as a separate workshop.

Offering modes

There are two basic modes in which the workshops can be offered to suit your training needs. These are as follows:

Do the accredited workshop at the university facilities. Refreshments and study material are included in the charge. This has the benefit of isolating the delegates from the work situation to enhance learning.

Do the accredited workshop at you own facility. We still provide the study material. This has the benefit that practical exercises can be performed at the workplace.