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Research on Lean topics

To date numerous doctoral theses and masters treatises have been completed under our guidance on the topic of lean manufacturing, in different departments.   

Completed doctoral theses:


  • Adedeji, Charles. Enhancing the role of the kaizen suggestion tool in South African lean automotive companies in the Eastern Cape
  • Mund, Klaudia. Tailoring a lean product development framework for the South African automotive industry
  • Van der Merwe, Karl. The development of a lean culture causal framework to support the effective implementation of lean in automotive component manufacturers in South Africa.

Masters treatises:


  • Bantom, Pat. The use of lean tools to improve service delivery at SARS enforcement audit, Port Elizabeth
  • Blouw, AC. The impact of delivery performance for a selected part of General Motors, South Africa
  • Ebrahim, Zahier. Assessing the impact of unions and related barriers in lean manufacturing implementation within Eastern Cape automotive component suppliers
  • Smela, T. Assessment of the status of lean implementation at selected South African Revenue Service branch offices


  • Britz, K. Investigating the kanban implementation at Kromberg & Schubert, South Africa
  • Conybeare, N. The role of GMSA to assist their suppliers with the successful implementation of lean practices
  • Olivier, C. A proposed strategy for the implementation of Total Productive Maintenance at Continental, South Africa


  • Botha, C.J. A study of the impact of an Eastern Cape automotive manufacturer’s supplier support practices.
  • Erasmus, B.Q. An assessment of the supplier development practices at Volkswagen South Africa.
  • Jozaffe, L.B. Organisational sustainability in lean manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Kanakana, M.G. An assessment of the challenges and successes experienced when implementing the Six Sigma methodology in Continental Tyre South Africa
  • Madwara, N.J. Overcoming supply line barriers to the implementation of lean manufacturing in the Transwerk Uitenhage plant.
  • Ncube, M. The impact of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) on manufacturing performance at the
  • Colt section of Daimler Chrysler in the Eastern Cape.
  • Pitout, C.J. Determining the critical success factors for implementing lean manufacturing into a South African manufacturing environment: a case study.
  • Silo, A.E. Utilising value stream mapping to improve operations at Transwerk Uitenhage.
  • Spence, M.G. The strategic implementation of continuous improvement tools within manufacturing plants of the Eastern Cape.

Earlier studies:

  • Andersson, CP: Designing a lean manufacturing model for Johnson Control, SA.
  • Arnold, M: An analysis of the efficiency of the value chain in an Eastern Cape manufacturer of baby nursery accessories.
  • Bodley, WA: A critical study of the implementation of lean manufacturing by Feltex Foam Mouldings for World Class Competitiveness.
  • Brown, W. 2000. A study of transformation of the production process toward world-class manufacturing at Continental Tyres South Africa (Pty).
  • Calitz, D: A study on the implementation and impact of lean manufacturing at Dana Spicer South Africa
  • Girling, R: Promotion of Calsonic South Africa as a competitive source of automotive components for global supply (a study on WCM practices)
  • Goosen, IJ: Evaluating Goodyear South Africa's supplier development programs against established best practice
  • Havemann, W. 2001. A study on how a South African automotive manufacturer can optimally implement sequential JIT deliveries from remote suppliers.
  • Haward, GF: Mapping the value stream of FP2 Paintshop: Daimler Chrysler South Africa.
  • Hugo, PG: Waste identification and elimination, within the production process of an Eastern Cape tank container manufacturer, using value stream mapping tools.
  • Lindhorst, B. 2001. The development and implementation of a total productive maintenance program at a wire harness assembly plant.
  • Muthayan, SS: An assessment of the impact of a Kanban pilot study in a solid dose manufacturing site
  • Steenkamp, J: An assessment of the implementation status of world-class manufacturing best practices in the automotive component sector in the Eastern Cape.

More information about these studies can be obtained from Koot Pieterse

Current and ongoing research:

Several studies are currently being conducted on overcoming the barriers to implementation in South Africa, and to assess the implementation of lean in the automotive industry in the Eastern Cape.

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