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The NMMU Lean Specialist Programme

The flagship of our offerings is the Lean Specialist programme, presented by the NMMU Leadership Academy. This is a 10-day, detailed training course that is run over a period of 10 weeks. The outcome of the course is a Lean Expert who will have detailed knowledge of the philosophy, the processes and the implementation methods of lean manufacturing.

This is an interactive, practical course with physical simulations, case studies, exercises and videos. Candidates are assessed on their actual ability to apply the concepts in the real work environment.

Module 1 Introduction Manufacturing background; The history of lean manufacturing; Lean thinking; Waste; Introduction to the philosophy and tools of lean manufacturing; Lean audits
Module 2 Layout, Cell Design Changeover Reduction Types of layout; Cell design principles and exercise; Line balancing; Work analysis tools; SMED techniques; SMED Exercise
Module 3 5S and TPM 5S and autonomous maintenance; The 5S implementation model; Visual management; OEE; The TPM implementation model; Planned maintenance
Module 4 Quality, Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement Fundamental concepts; Problem solving; The seven quality tools; Standard work; Poka yoke; TRIZ; Introduction to SPC; Process capability; Six Sigma; Kaizen
Module 5 Scheduling Demand management; MRP and lean; Capacity and queues; The dice game; Theory of constraints; Lean scheduling; Kanban and CONWIP
Module 6 Lean Supply and Teamwork Team leadership; Motivation, communication, conflict resolution; Case studies; Supply chain development; Lean supply; Supplier development; The lean enterprise
Module 7 Lean Design, Lean Measures and Lean Accounting Principles of lean design; Value engineering; Measures for lean; Lean accounting; Throughput, performance measurement and lean indicators
Module 8 Value Stream Mapping 1 The use of value stream mapping; Elements of the value stream mapping tool; Drawing the current state map; Case exercise
Module 9 Value Stream Mapping 2 and Process Mapping Creating the future state map; Devising an action plan; Introduction to effective process mapping concepts
Module 10 Implementation, Policy Deployment and Culture
Leading change on the factory floor; Hoshin planning; Overcoming implementation barriers; Organising for lean transformation; Kaizen Blitz